PO/BO originates from an idea by Paolo Marasi and Tommaso Livio. Both graduated in Product Design for Innovation at the Politecnico di Milano, they grew up collaborating with
major companies in the Distretto del Mobile, remaining in close contact with the research
world that orbits around the Politecnico. Synthesis between two complementary approaches
to design, PO/BO aims to explore new interactions and new languages, in order to change
the perception of everyday objects.

PO/BO stands out as an ensemble sharing common values, where skills and abilities from different design worlds merge in an holistic perspective of the design process, from research up to industrial & UI/UX design and the storytelling of the whole product system.
Tommaso Livio
worked for Thingk, Continuum, Marzorati Ronchetti
Paolo Marasi
worked for Ethimo, Gervasoni, Slide, McDonalds, Baxter, Giorgetti, Natuzzi
Via J. e R. Kennedy, 144
20842, Besana in Brianza (MB)


POBO is an hybrid design studio, where concept and project development coexist and are connected. POBO is all about furniture and industrial design: we can manage projects independently or support private clients and companies in every single phase of the design process, from the definition of a concept to the development of advanced prototypes and support for the engineering of the project in view of an industrial production.
We believe in innovation as the cornerstone of design, declined in every aspect, from shapes, materials to production technologies.
POBO is also research: we are constantly looking for innovative materials and technological solutions that can turn into market opportunities and innovative design.