UOVR is a series of skateboards inspired by the world of birds. Just as skateboarding is born for those who, far from the sea, cannot experience the thrill of riding the ocean waves but have to settle for the hard asphalt, the penguin and emu are birds that will never feel the pleasure of hovering in the wind. Both unfit to fly but masters in their element: penguins, clumsy and slow, in the water swim like a torpedo, the emu, with large wings that don’t allow
them to fly, whizz over the ground, running like a lightning bolt.
These boards are dedicated to these two heroes of the animal world, a longboard for the penguin designed to dart on ice and a skateboard for the emu, to experience some tricks and jump into the air. The shape comes from the 2D profiles of the eggs of these two birds, different shapes to meet the needs of very different environments.
UOVR itself is a sort of wooden “egg” that hides inside a small bird ready to spread his wings. The skater, learning with scratches and falls, will slowly break the hard stony crust that covers his board, letting out the graphics that are hidden below (the livery of the
emperor penguin in one case, the emu in the other), just like a bird struggling with the shell to get out of the egg.
This collection is made by Surfer’s Den, excellence in the skate/surfing scene in Milan.
UOVR is produced using low environmental impact materials, technically advanced and specially chosen to maximize the riding experience (birch plywood printed with double camber) together with hybrid production technologies that combine craftsmanship and industrial production, which guarantee a high quality product.

A project by:
Paolo Marasi
Tommaso Livio

Pictures by:
Paolo Marasi

Surfer’s Den